About Us

What is a game?

We believe that a game is a conversation. While all art speaks to you, games don’t just talk, they listen. And in that back and forth, lies the potential for incredible things.

Highline Games makes high quality original games that allow our users and clients to have the conversations they want to be having.


  • Eli Weissman


    Eli does not like talking about himself. He would be reluctant to point out that he has built and run crucial departments in globally known brands allowing for the creation of content worth billions of dollars. He does not think about it that way. In his mind, he worked at New York Times television building a post production team when he was young. He does not dwell on the hundreds of hours of programing a year that were made by his team and the systems he created. He was then asked to run a small post facility. He rarely mentions that its revenue grew 10x under his supervision in just 2 years. He might say that he worked at Rockstar Games, leaving out that there again he built and ran a department of over 20 personnel charged with the creation of all video making materials and substantial in game assets for the biggest video games ever made with a combined gross in the billions.

    Eli founded Highline Games with Anthony in 2010 but rarely talks about that either. Fortunately for him, the work Highline Games does speaks for itself.‏

  • Anthony Litton


    Anthony is Irish, with all that implies. He moved to New York back in 2003. He became a US citizen in 2010, so it is too late to do anything about it now.

    After arriving, Anthony began working alongside Eli at Rockstar Games. He worked on every Rockstar game from Grand Theft: Auto San Andreas to Red Dead Redemption, an enormous range of complexity and sophistication as Rockstar continuously worked to produce the biggest and most successful games ever made. By the time he left in 2010 to form Highline Games, Anthony was at the center of a bewildering number of processes including writing, directing, editing and the management of countless assets. He has at least four different credits on each game he worked on, although the specifics vary. He is delighted to be more focused as part of Highline Games.

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